The journey begins…

As clichéd as the phrase might be, today really marks the start of a journey for us. One that we hope will last us a lifetime of making games together, and sharing them with the world. In honesty, we already started making games together almost two years ago, but today marks the day we officially announce our studio’s name and the release of our first title “Polar Dashing”.

We called our studio “CosyCave” because as a couple, our office is our home, and that’s what we like to call it. Believe us, when you go through a Finnish winter and enter your warm house after a freezing day outside, even you would start calling it a cosy cave. Our main goal is to create games we would love to play, rather than focus on titles that obey the formula of “commercial success”. We want to make games that speak to us, and hopefully will speak to you as well.


“Polar Dashing” was our first long-term project and it served as a great learning experience, not just on making games, but especially on how to make them as a team. And tomorrow we start developing our second title, which is something we are really excited about! But more on that later. Prior to “Polar Dashing” we have made some small game jam games done in 72 hours for Ludum Dare. If interested, you can find them here : LD 30 “Otherworld” | LD 31 “Path of Thorns”.

We hope to update the blog often with a development blog for our next title, and maybe even do some twitch development streams. Here’s to a long fruitful journey, and we hope you follow us along for the ride! Also, you can follow our updates and news on twitter or facebook. Until next time!